Thursday, April 17, 2014


3D-technologies taking over even runways now! More and more designers create outfits and accessories printed on three-dimensional printers.

      Modern technologies has conquered  fashion world as well. More and more we see models dressed like they just came from Si Fi movies.
      Dresses welded with laser and feathers looks like amorphous forms . 3D technology allow to implement  forms and designs which in past could be just sketches on paper . Lady Gaga, Bjork and Dita Von Teese are been transformed into living work of art that demonstrate these creations. Creations which for an average person can't be affordable since it's not quite wearable.
     Nevertheless, designers continue to experiment in this direction. And ahead of all is Dutch fashion designer - Iris van Herpen .
      In 2013 at the graduation show Pia Hinze of Munich , graduated from the International School of Design ESMOD, golden dress made with eight printed pieces created a furor . It could also be seen on the catwalks of London, Paris and New York .
       Pia Hinze thinks that 3D- printing will revolutionize fashion measurements will no longer have value. We can better calculate material left overs. Everyone could be able to afford " personal tailor " and one day we will be able to print our own wardrobe ...

Dita Von Teese in Verrry Formfitting 3D Fashion!

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