Saturday, July 8, 2017

Car Gala 2017 Photoshoot

       It's been a while since my last blog! Lol. No time and etc. But my soul feels like a want to share with the world thing I like!
       It's interesting but when I started this blog, I was thinking to talk about fashion, things I like in fashion, history and trends. But not about myself. I feel like i always been a shy artists. I always been shy about myself and what i do. so I decided why not to mix it up a bit and tell the world (or whoever wants to know) about what I'm doing))).
       First thing first. I'm a designer, Russian, Living in California in the small studio in Sacramento, CA. Love doing Custom design pieces, work on the movie sets and be a part of photoshoots. So I like to be as creative as I can possibly be. Trying never say No to opportunities. It's exhausting but manageable.
       For the first post (just to show who I am) I decided to pick recent Photoshoot. I happened to be a part of. The photoshoot as a promo for an upcoming Car Gala which happens yearly in Sacramento.
       Hope you enjoy it as much as I did !

Designer : Anastasia Kryukova
Stylist , Mua and Hair by Rosalind Hall-Sharp
Model : Savana Sharp 

Location San Fransisco, CA

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