Tuesday, January 21, 2014



           Fashion can be absolutely different. As we know it! There is Haute Couture fashion with unreal enchanting clothes and Pret-a- Porter which provides us with stylish clothes for every day. And there are fashion which hidden from human eyes, but no less important for women and men - underwear fashion.  It is like any other Fashion changing every year. Panties are becoming more open. Designers are inventing new forms; apply new finishes and new colors. This season choosing underwear is necessary pay attention to fabric quality.  You have to remember that this thing will be in constant contact with your body, which means convenience is number one priority.
           Now in style practical, functional underwear which provides you with maximum comfort when worn. The most popular is remains seamless underwear. Now trending is also underwear which emphasizes your femininity.
           Cups underwire that "lifts " and make it visually more rounded. This is the best option for any girl! Bras in this season have elegance and “ceremonial " design. Very often you can find luxurious silk and rich lace trim.
  Panties made to match bras. And it’s made from the same luxurious fabrics. In fashion panties retro, shorts, thongs.
            Designers decided to mix winter dullness with bright colors. This way at lingerie store you can find all sorts of colors and shades, from pastel to bright. The latest lingerie collection was full of abundance of purple, pink, green and blue.
            In fashion are variegated embroidery, bright prints, and colorful stripes. Found their way to past season collections   chick style: hearts, flowers, stars, and bows. Young fashionistas are happy to wear this lovely and seductive lingerie. In stores you will find bras with variety of different push-up levels.
         With their help you will be able to enlarge breasts up to one or even two sizes. Corsets found their own place in fashion collections. The corset is the personification of luxury, femininity and sexuality. Fashion underwear is designed to reveal your secret desires and awaken real woman in you, dear reader.

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