Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jeans…America’s Greatest Gift To Fashion. Fashion 2013


         The Jeanswear is incredibly comfortable and practical. First time it was created over 100 years ago as a working uniform when now it is MUST BE in any wardrobe. Fast growing industry has managed to win affection of fans around the world, despite the ever-changing textures, colors, fabrics and styles.
         Jeans it is universal and at the same time perfect combination of practicality in best fashion tradition. It is a necessary piece any modern woman’s wardrobe. It is perfect not only for various combinations with other things but for any occasion and occasion. It is can be anything from it's a date, work, and walk around the city, shopping, night club to a business meeting. What matters is how you create your image.

What happened with jeans fashion in 2013?

          Women's jeans fashion in 2013 is even more practical and comfort. In today’s fashion are also relevant different styles and models from past seasons. It is important to find something just for you and what you will like to combine with other elements from your closet.
          Street Fashion 2013 is presented in casual style. Very popular is jeans washed out, rolled up, cropped tint option, and etc. Fashion trend in 2013 are ripped jeans, which express the courage and emancipation of the modern image.
          In 2013 are also relevant skinny jeans, narrow and fitted, which will perfect combination with romantic blouse, business shirts and modern T-shirts. It fits perfectly for slim girls which perfectly gives accent to a graceful silhouette.
          Also designers now offer classic straight jeans. In 2013 fashion is elegant and comfortable pants- jeans, a bit wide ones and skinnier versions. That one will be perfect combination with cozy warm sweaters and classic shirts.
           Cropped jeans designer suggest to wear with high heels which particularly brings attention to your shoes. But it’s not necessarily and all depends on each individual style. Today’s fashion of 2013 for jeans is feminine and sexual.
            Also this fashion season brought us denim skirt. It is simply elegant and stylish variations of it. Designers offer a huge range for our ideas which means that even the most capricious fashionista can pick up a thing for her taste.

Seductive ideas for your wardrobe

            In denim fashion of 2013 are also welcome all skirts with scuffed, lightening effects and wrinkles, as well as torn edges, multiple straps, buttons and embroidery. We can find all possible options of models and styles - short mini, classic pencil skirts model, trapezoid, feminine skirts midi and maxi.
            MUST BE summer attribute of any wardrobe is a fashionable denim shorts. In fashion you can find effects of aging tissue, multiple rivets, pockets and unusual buttons. Length is different - from ultra to an up to a knee. Any girl can choose for her a model based on the characteristics of her own figure.

Trendy colors and prints 2013

            Actual colors and prints in denim fashion in 2013 is classic shades of blue and black  which is very bright and unusual colors . Among them vivid colors of scarlet, emerald green and yellow, romantic - pale pink and light beige and retro version of “washed out jeans." Hit of the season in 2013 is the effect of metallic with gold and steel shine. Among other things, the most popular are floral prints, animal patterns and baroque.
            When choosing clothes in the women's denim fashion 2013 pretty girls should pay attention to the trends, which are suitable for you and will be combined with impeccable wardrobe.

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