Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It is simply a Mini. Innocence or challenge to society?

             Fashion opens more and more. When Madonna in the beginning of 80s appeared in public dressed in provocative bra from Jean- Paul Gautier. It was quite a sensational back then. However at the beginning of third millennium “boudoir " fashion such as corsets, lacy bras , garter belts, and elegant baggy dresses has became very commonplace for everyday life! This is the time when even fashion experts find hard to explain where this thin line between underwear and outerwear.
              Of course this powerful wave of sexuality literally swept went all over catwalks of New York, Milan and Paris. It couldn’t not reflect on actual skirt length. The leading designers now are looking for inspiration in the fashion era of Mary Quant and Andre Courrege.    

             Fashion experts still argue who was the first who decided to make skirt shorter. They usually give preference to a “futuristic” Courrege and the “Lolita of fashion industry "- Mary Quant. In 1955 a modest graduate of Gouldsmits College opened a small boutique "Market" on King's Road.  It took five years for aspiring fashion designer to overcome a kind of psychological barrier she had. 1960 changed everything in fashion history and in the Mary’s life. She created the first real mini! Revolution was accomplished. In 1966 Quant was announced in the UK “Woman of the Year ". Her creations were included in every European fashionista Closets under 50y/o.