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Handmade decor created with adhesive gem stones - HOW TO

Beautiful it does not mean expensive! By using simple sparkly stones you can do things with unique design. Here is another article how to do it yourself.
Платье с вышивкой стразами по горловине от WILLIAMSON.
Dress embroidered with sequins on the neck of WILLIAMSON
Гламурное платье с вышитой кокеткой от Velvet.

Glamor dress with an embroidered yoke from Velvet
Tуника с декоративными камнями на воротнике от Ambiente.

Tunic with decorative stones on the collar from Ambiente

Клатч из ткани с вышивкой стразами от Steffen Schraut.
Fabric clutch with embroidered sequins from Steffen Schraut
Кристаллы от Swarovski надо лишь нагреть и наклеить!
Swarovski Crystals only need to heat up and apply!
Клеевые стразы могут быть разных расцветок...
Adhesive rhinestones can be different colors ...
…а также самых разных форм и размеров. (От Swarovski)

... And it's a variety of shapes and sizes. (From Swarovski)

TREASURE ISLANDЖилетThe front of black vest has sewn decorative stones and rhinestones on it . 
YOU WILL NEED : decorative stones of different sizes and shapes. For our vest were used 26 large , 32 medium and 20 small oval stones , 26 large and 42 medium-sized square stones, 22 large , 75 medium and 25 small rectangular stones , all framed in gold , as well as 15 small round stones.Tip : alternate stones glass and plastic stones on a vest in order don't be too heavy.
 HOW TO: First you  have to divide stones which goes to right and left sides of the vest. Stones applies on vest sides evenly. At first put on large stones , then the middle and in empty spaces add small ones . 
GEMSColorful stones glued on a leather piece  for sandals decorations .
БосоножкиYOU WILL NEED: Small piece of leather, 8 large decorative stones, 2 zipper clip, glue gun .
  HOW TO: from a round piece of leather cut out 2 circles with diameter of 1.7 in. Circles sides sew by using large stitches . At each round piece glue 4 decorative stone with a glue gun. On an underneath of circles apply zip clips . 

LUZURYДжинсыYou can turn usual jeans into glamorous ones by using  Swarovski crystals. 
YOU WILL NEED: jeans, decorative sew on stones : 3 large and 3 medium round blue stone , 11 blue , 5 red , 17 blue teardrop decorative stone; 17 triangular blue stone; 5 square blue stones. 
 HOW TO: Apply triangular stones next to each at pockets entrances. Below them in the empty spaces sew on blue teardrop-shaped stones . The flower shape stones sew on equally along the one leg part.


YOU WILL NEED: a vacuum applicator (Viva Décor) and 50 adhesive
different sizes rhinestonesКошелек for hot fix .
STEP 1 : Turn an applicatoron and let it warm up. Then put a finger on the vent to create a vacuum space .
Step 2: Now grab one stone with a finger tip and does not release finger from a vent hole .
STEP 3 : Place crystal on the right spot by slightlypressing . Then open an applicator hole and wait 30 seconds until crystal will stick .

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