Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shoes and Fashion

           High heels basically never go out of fashion. What changing it’s only thickness and shape. Today, once again popular studs, as in the '60s but steady heel doesn’t want to leave fashion either.
       Of course heels optically make our legs longer and slimmer. It means if you have thin legs then massive thick shoes with contraindicated heels does not going to work for you. Full legs look even bigger on high heels. Heels in general makes us women look sexy and attracts men. This is known for a fact. But not everyone know that shoes without heels can win in this case too. Soft cat walk makes men hold their breath no less then high heels!
          But we should not overestimate our abilities!  If you are uncomfortable by wearing high heels and your feet get tired.  Then you most likely will look like a cow on ice! So please check first not just what you like but what is comfortable to wear! Did you know by the way that men are the one who invented high heels! But since men are known as biggest egoistical were trying to invent something they will like to be worn by us!
          A women's heels appeared at the court of Louis XIV. Legendary Marquise de Pompadour was not as tall and that’s why she wore heels. By the way the "French" heel wearable by this day. It’s bent slightly and with the "waist" in the middle.
        "Platforms"is appeared in ancient Greece - in buskins. It’s been made for actors doing stage performances and their sandals with high continuous sole. In the XV century women wore shoes with thick soles while walking on a streets of Venice. Only in the mid-30s of 20th century, "platform" again appeared in fashion as a "whippets" and mostly in sandals.
         In the late 60's - early 70's fashionable "platforms" spread out all over the world. At that times soles was heavy and very often didn’t bend while walking. Despite today when is platforms are weightless and comfortable.
       Another type of the fashionable shoes I named for myself "Not one step back".  This is slippers are often with high heels and with back part being completely open. Those shoes are made not only as a beach wear but for parties and everyday wear. But these type of shoes require special, extravagant and bold outfit.  Because along with usual "invisible" dress it will look most likely ridiculous.
         So what about boots and shoes? Treads are already out of fashion. Today boots are skintight on a leg length and can be up to knees. Practical and stylish option it is boots and shoes without a heel with a rounded or pointed nose. But of course very popular boots with high studs as well.  Those boots can be worn as dressy shoes as well but only if appears on the edge of extravagance and outrageous.

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