Sunday, July 20, 2014

Style | Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman

- I was so exited when I was able to find looks from the movie " The other women". Because I found designs there very interesting. And not so much as dresses itself but the stylist for the movie! - (from author)

        Last Sunday night I headed to the movies with a couple girlfriends to watch the oh so talked about chick flick The Other Woman. Great cast and pretty hilarious story line, this is a definite must see with your best girls. I was really mesmerized by the scenery and the wardrobes, specifically Cameron Diaz's character, Carly. The not so typically dressed lawyer lives an incredibly put-together chic lifestyle yet her wardrobe was on the easier side with the most beautiful soft color palette with pops of red dresses and black blazers.
I was seriously obsessed.
        From her incredible sky high apartment in all white d├ęcor to her nude slip dress, strappy heels, and simple gold necklaces, her look is everything I want. Styled by none other than the genius mind behind Sex and the City, Patricia Fields creates such an amazing wardrobe for a powerful and successful woman. She is styled so well, I love the touch of bright red nails with easy soft hair. Carly is a fictional depiction of my future self, at least, what I hope to be wearing with a side of non-cheating boyfriend...

         These are some of my favorite looks that Carly wore:

As you can see, she wore a lot of dresses which I think is fabulous. I love the simplicity and elegance of the first nude dress but how great is that simple yellow tank dress!? I can't get enough. I would definitely go watch this movie again and just take notes on her fantastic wardrobe.


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